Hudson Valley Mountain Range

Hudson Chocolates

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This is our Hudson Valley Mountain Range Bar. To take a quote from Forest Gump, " life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get". Well this bar is kind of like that. Every "mountain" is filled with a ganache from any one of our chocolates. It's exceptionally fun to share and guess what each flavor is. The mountains are anchored down with our 68% dark chocolate and puffed rice coated in dark chocolate for added crunch. Coated in a green chocolate velvet that we apply with our sprayer to create that mossy look. Each range comes with a menu of possible flavors.

Each bar is 7" by 7" by 1.5" and weighs approximately 16 oz / 453 g. Packaged in our signature gray and orange printed box with an elastic band and magnetic closure featuring the Hudson River with Poughkeepsie, at its center reflecting our connection to the Hudson Valley.

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